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Please watch this important video explaining the negative effects of invasive, non-native vines on property and communities.

What is QM250?

Heralding the Quarter Millennium celebration, the 250th anniversary of the founding of the United States of America. Quarter of Millennium, one-fourth of a thousand years old. This is a project for "we the people" to celebrate together, and is currently not government sponsored.

We are a group of concerned citizens, who would like to see Philly sponsor and coordinate a celebration in 2026. We plan to go into Fairmount Park and improve the conditions of the park by removing invasive non-native vines. We would do this to establish a millennium arboretum which would showcase trees that have been planted and grown throughout the history of the US. All growing close together, trees from the revolutionary period, trees from the centennial celebration time and all the way to the present. We want to do this because we have the expertise, skills and passion to begin this project, and more importantly - IT NEEDS TO BE DONE.

How Can You Help?


Like to Dig in the Dirt?

We need Horticulturists, Arborists, Landscapers, Architects, Maintenance Ground Professionals, Gardners and Project Managers. This is an opportunity to work together on a meaningful project.


With Your Permission

This only works with key cooperation and buy-in. We want to get to work and save these national treasures before it’s too late. If you are a park administrator, and or grounds keeper, we’ll be knocking on your door.


With Your Generosity

Funding is key to this operation, of course. If you know and appreciate the beauty and history of the Great City of Philadelphia, then this is your opportunity to make a difference and preserve it for generations.

Help us fight to preserve the history and beauty of Philadelphia by eliminating invasive vines.