1776 The United States was founded. In 1876 Centennial Fair celebrated the USA's 100th year in the park. At this centennial celebration people visited Fairmount Park, 10 million folks visited in one year and there were 40 million total population in the USA at that time. In 1926, 150th anniversary. In 1976, it was the 200th Anniversary and in 2026 the 250th Anniversary will be celebrated.


Staff and Crews

Horticulturists, Arborists, Landscapers, Architects, Maintenance Ground Professionals, Gardeners and Project Manager, people who dig into the dirt. This is an opportunity to work together on a meaningful project.

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Our particular expertise, poison ivy removal, kudzu vine removal, and honeysuckle vine and bittersweet vine. These vines are barriers that are stopping the project from beginning. Who would want to come in and take away a big poison ivy vine? The the goal is to clear out the poisonous and most choking and smothering vines. To make it more possible for staff and crews to work their expertise once the poisonous plants are no longer in their way. This will be good for the community and our nation. We believe this will bring jobs and income to our state. We believe that this is the history of our country, these trees live thousands of years.

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Help us fight to preserve the history and beauty of Philadelphia by eliminating invasive vines.