We Need Your Financial Assistance!

First, we want to thank you for helping to finance our mission. There is a substancial cost associated with the painstaking process of removing so many vines. Our crews consist of paid volunteers. We purchase tool, equipment, crew protective gear and refreshments. Plus we have administrative costs to consider. We need to raise the necessary funds to do this hard, important work.

The trees in Farmount Park must be saved from this killer vines, and the historic city of Philadelphia relies on the natural beauty of Fairmount Park.

If you have any questions, or prefer to communicate with us prior to making a donation, please see our contact information, below.

Thank You Again, for doing your part in helping to restore the beauty in Fairmount Park, and historic Philadelphia!

How Do I Donate?

PayPal QR CodeSimply scan the QR code, or click the "Donate Today!" button on this page, and you will be taken to our Poison Ivy Horticulturist Inc. PayPal page. Then just follow the prompts.

Direct Email

Direct Phone

‭1 (866) 938-1119‬

YOU Can Take Action Today!


Help us fight to preserve the history and beauty of Philadelphia by eliminating invasive vines.