Millennium Arboretum

Millennium Arboretum

Get this moving and clear up. QM250 millennium Arboretum made up of trees that grow in the park, and people to be introduced to trees and planting as the history.

proj 01 park1976 this all began. In 1860, historic oak trees were planted. In 1876, centennial abortive. In 1929, War World I memorial oak grove of trees. In 1948, War World II memorial oak grove of trees. In 1976, Bicentennial grove. This is where everything will be connected together.

An infrastructure system will need to put around this to have people enjoy the history. Walking paths, tree work, build walkways over water, signals for automobiles to slow down, traffic engineering, historic buildings will be used on the premises and lastly a visitor center to view park history and buy related mementos.

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